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Join Business’ career path is built on a 5 levels Pyramid structure. Promotions are based on merit and measured against the service delivery outcome and value added to the company. Additional office activities are also taken into account, and career steps are defined according to an “up or out” system, with a dedicated fast track for Top Performers.


Partner roles are reserved to Senior managers who have built long lasting relationships with Top Management from Client companies. They are responsible for defining client’s preliminary needs and making first contact. Additionally, they contribute greatly to internal initiatives.

Senior Manager

Senior Managers are requested to work on multiple projects simultaneously whilst doing so over two dimensions. In order to be recognised as a leader and trusted advisor they need to establish strong ties with our Clients’ Top Management and have to contribute to the strategy and development of our internal practices. Senior Managers are assessed based on relationship building development with Clients alongside training and supervision of junior colleagues.


Managers are responsible for running a Project and a Team. They play a key role in the relationship between Senior Managers/ Partners and the end Client. It is pivotal they manage daily operational tasks whilst enhancing Client relationships. They concentrate on Managing Client expectations through their communication and Project Management skills. They are responsible for delivering high quality results and ensuring the project adds tangible and sustainable value to the Client’s business.


Associates develop quantitative analysis skills and participate in the process of problem structuring. They are responsible for a Project area and making recommendations to improve the outcome. Associates will also manage junior colleagues. Their exposure to the Client will increase as their communication and problem-solving skills improve.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts take part in Project activities working on quantitative analysis and looking for information from internal and external sources. They are, from Day 1, directly in contact with the Client and take part in meetings that allow them to enjoy full exposure to the Project. Business analysts are never left to work alone, as they will always be supervised by senior colleagues and offered a first-class training on problem structuring, communication skills and database analysis.


Interns enjoy a work experience equal to that of Business Analysts. The internship provides the acquisition of hard and soft skills necessary to deliver a tangible impact on a project.

Who we look for

We evaluate candidates coming from different academic backgrounds thus a business background is not strictly necessary to start a career in Join Business Management Consulting. We look for bright people who have a genuine passion for learning, who are ready to fully challenge themselves and to confront problems by proposing original solutions (problem solving and thinking outside the box).
To build a solid, integrated and creative team we recruit talented candidates who believe in team work, who are ready for a dynamic and stimulating career and who take a proactive part in proposing new ideas.

  • New graduates or students currently writing their thesis with excellent academic results (degree mark equal or greater than 105/110 – Average exam score greater than 28/30)
  • Master students with excellent academic results (Average exam score greater than 28/30) for Internships
  • Professionals with maximum 5-6 years of work experience in top consultancy firms

Preferential prerequisites:

  • Academic background in Management Engineering/ Business Administration or Economics
  • Fluency in English
  • Previous internship or university exchange abroad
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office

What we offer

Pursuing a career as a management consultant is not suitable for every candidate: it requires profiles of great intelligence, a bright mind full of energy, motivation and ambition.
It offers great advantages from a professional point of view such as the possibility of:

  • A prestigious and fast track career combined with attracting compensations and a great appeal in the job market already after a few years of experience with various Clients in many functional areas and across different industries
  • A young, dynamic and stimulating work environment

In short, consulting offers a broader and more stimulating experience also compared to career paths offered by the best corporate firms where jobs assignments are usually addressed to a specific functional area.
On one hand a consulting career offers instead:

  • The opportunity to play a role in the strategic choices of the Client
  • Great involvement and responsibilities in the various projects also for junior colleagues
  • Contact and exposure to the Top Management of Client companies

On the other hand a consulting career requires:

  • Total deduction
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Geographical flexibility for job assignments

The career path in Join Business, for candidates who successfully complete the selection process, starts with:

  • An internship of about 3 to 6 months for new graduates during which, if their performance will be positively evaluated and their profile complies with the excellence standard set by Join Business Management Consulting, they will be offered a position as Business Analyst. We also consider direct hirings for candidates who brilliantly complete the selection process
  • A 3 month degree internship for Master Degree students during which interns will be offered the possibility to experience management consulting by working for our Clients
  • A Business Analyst or Associate position for candidates coming from Top Consulting Firms according to their profile, merit and tenure.

Selection process

Our selection process aims at:

  • Understanding in depth academic and professional experience
  • Evaluating problem solving, quantitative and soft skills
  • Verifying the motivation to start a career in management consultancy and in Join Business

The selection process involves four subsequent steps which can lead to being offered a position:

  • First Step: Live or telephone interview to evaluate the academic and/or professional background and the motivation of the candidate
  • Second Step: Logical/ numerical test to evaluate logical and quantitative skills
  • Third Step: Discussion of business cases (at least two) with our Managers and Partners, to evaluate problem solving, business acumen and soft skills
  • Fourth Step: Reserved for candidates who successfully complete the first 3 steps, an interview to dive deeply into the concrete motivation in starting a career at Join Business


To apply for a position, prospective candidates are required to send their Curriculum Vitae, together with a covering letter and a copy of the Academic transcript, for new graduates and master degree students, at

Our selection process is based on an active and ongoing selection of the top talents throughout the year.

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