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Join Business delivers energy and robustness to its projects, together with the capability to relate with our team, resulting in great support to effectively carry out initiatives.

Top Manager of main Italian Banking Group

The soul of Join Business is what is needed in this extraordinary moment of transformation of the banking system. We carried out 2 years of extraordinary results together in terms of operating efficiency laying down our target strategic vision, rigorous execution, passionate and far reaching capabilities at all levels.

Top Manager of main Italian Banking Group

Join Business is the perfect enzyme for change, a key ingredient in our transformation project. Through sheer positivism and energy, Join Business brings, on an ongoing basis, its strategic vision combined with a strong focus on delivery, with a natural tendency for sharing the aims of our business and blending with our staff. I consider Join Business to be a really effective partner, consistently on hand with great capability in understanding our changing needs, with solid support to manage daily complexity and always present in the most challenging moments of one’s job.

Head of Business Transformation and Cost Management of main Italian Banking Group

When I think about JBMC, I think about a partner who can anticipate my needs, who shares unexpected problems, proposes solutions and is always there to help me to format the solution in the best of all possible ways.

Head of Organization of main Italian Banking Group

We are all living in a changing world, and we all claim that change is essential. However, applying such change to our professional lives is one of the most challenging and daunting of tasks. Join Business has solved this challenge for me by evolving the typical consulting slides into applied and concrete initiatives without removing the identity of our management but, conversely, enabling it to grow.

CEO of a main Italian Business Process Outsourcing company

Within our working group, JBMC has developed performance and improved final results through effective actions, creating a favourable environment, managing and modifying dysfunctioning structural behaviour and overcoming critical and ever changing situations by delivering a great experience of value oriented towards result.

Managing director of a primary international consultancy company

JBMC is providing a valuable contribution to our area in terms of professional expertise and methodology which translates into robust results on quality and cost effectiveness of the services offered.

Head of Support Services of a main Italian Banking Group

The classic delivery of a consultancy firm is measured in terms of efficiency. Our priority for a roll over project in a strongly competitive area, profoundly affected by new regulations, was effectiveness; JBMC has delivered clarity of mind and organic vision for business drivers.

Head of the Finance Department of a main Italian Banking group